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About Me

           I was drawn to music at a very young age. I loved imagining that I was a famous musician, and would often hold pretend concerts in my living room. One thing led to another: piano lessons starting in second grade, clarinet beginning in fourth grade, and children’s choir in fifth grade. By the time I reached high school, I was participating in all areas of instrumental music performance and had decided to look into studying music in college. In August of 2007, I entered into Ball State University’s School of Music as a clarinetist majoring in Instrumental and General Music Education. And so what began as childhood curiosity has matured into a lifelong love of music, music teaching, and music making.

            Several influences and experiences lead me to where I stand today, at the brink of starting my music teaching career. First and foremost, I believe that my four years of study at Ball State University have given me the educational foundation that I need to succeed. The BSU music education faculty and staff have guided and shaped my music teaching ideals and instilled a confidence in me that could only be achieved through many pre-service teaching opportunities. I also believe that my love of music could not have grown to its current depth without the many performance opportunities I have enjoyed over the years. I am grateful for the opportunity to study clarinet under Dr. Elizabeth Crawford and perform in the Ball State University Bands lead by Dr. Thomas Caneava, Mr. Dan Kalantarian, and Dr. Shawn Vondran. I am also thankful for the leadership opportunities given to me by several professional music organizations that I have joined while in college. I enjoyed serving in the Collegiate Music Educator's National Conference (CMENC), the National Band Association (NBA), and Sigma Alpha Iota, a women's fraternity of music.

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